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F-Gas - Are you compliant?
Know the facts:

F-Gas legislation came about to meet the directives of the Kyoto Agreement.
In the United Kingdom the following requirements need to be met EC Regulation 842/2006 and the GB Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2009 (statutory Instrument No.261).

Operator Responsibilities

(Operator is the legal person exercising actual power over technical functioning of the equipment and systems-usually these powers lie with a single natural or legal person, normally the owner).

The operator has a legal obligation to

  • Take steps to prevent F-Gas leakage
  • Have regular leak checking by qualified engineers holding C&G 2079 - Category 1
  • Have automatic leak detectors fitted on equipment containing >500 Tonnes GWP equivalent CO2 of F-Gas
  • Maintain suitable records of equipment containing >5 Tonnes GWP equivalent CO2 of F-gas

TOB Customer aims

TOB Environmental as a company is of the belief that it is their responsibility as a service provider to work with their clients to enable them to achieve full F-Gas compliance of their premises regardless of the level of maintenance agreement.

To this end as part of any maintenance agreement during the first maintenance visit

  • F-Gas site log book will be produced
  • Full systems leak test and operating logs will be carried out
  • Full report of system conditions along with any recommendations or repairs required to achieve full compliance under the legislation.

TOB Commitment to Service

As a commitment to providing this service TOB Environmental has

  • All Service Technicians holding F-Gas qualification C&G 2079 and suitable industry training
  • Company holds all relevant F-Gas and hazardous waste registrations
  • Vehicles equipped with state of the art compliant reclaim equipment, tools, bottles and various gases to facilitate first time repairs

Please use the link for valuable information supplied by F-Gas Support on the following subjects

  • RAC1 - Overview
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  • RAC3 - Key Obligations
  • RAC4 - Getting Started
  • RAC5 - Certification of Personnel and Companies
  • RAC6 - Practical Guidance
  • RAC7 - Refrigerant Selection
  • RAC8 - HCFC phase out


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